We want to build you the home you`ve always dreamed of. The home that`s been coming together in your imagination for years. The backdrop of you future memories. And we want to build it well, at a price you can afford. This is the idea that has driven our work since we started, and the reason we set our standards high. During construction, we use dependable building materials and implement a building process that features a number of checkpoints and inspections.
We have well-developed relationships in all areas of the building industry that means your costs are kept to a minimum, so you know up front there are no hidden costs.WHY ECO3HUS HOME?

  • Guarantee a quality outcome
  • Pride ourselves on customers satisfaction
  • The builder is a qualified trade person, and expects professionalism and high standards from all the trades
  • Operate with integrity, and promise to be honest and upfront and expect the same from our trades and suppliers
  • Regular meeting and liaisons with builder to the level you want to be involved
  • Lines of communication are always open between client and builder
  • Our whole aim is to “delight the client”